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A 24-Year Research Project

This bookset is the culmination of a 24-year research project. Over its course, the author accessed 5500 books, papers and articles from Elizabethan and scholarly sources.

The author’s investigation uncovers inconsistencies and voids in conventional biographies of Elizabethan writers and within the era’s accepted literary canons and provides a framework that eliminates them. It concludes with complete lists of allonyms and pseudonyms employed by the Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (1550-1604) and the works he issued in those names, as well as lists of independent writers of the era and their literary works.

A Labor of Love

This project is a labor of love, designed to inform and delight enthusiasts. The text is meant to be read start to finish, although the preface suggests shortcuts for people with limited time.

This online presentation is in a new format we call BrightbookTM. The text is not cluttered with source citations, footnotes or endnotes, so reading flows freely. Every source is instantly available with a single click on the accompanying asterisk (*). Every term is searchable, providing a full, error-free index. After any search or reference check, a click or two on the Back button will bring you back to where you left off reading. Searching on a carat (^) takes you from one chapter or section to the next.


The publisher has no illusions that this specialized subject will generate meaningful income, but it hopes to cover some costs of maintaining the website. The text of this bookset would fill twenty books. Rather than charging a compatible amount, we are making its entirety available for $97, which is only $4 a volume.

Payment is collected by Elliott Wave International, and the book is accessed via the MyEWI online portal.

If you purchase books for a library, contact the publisher here for free access.

About the Author

Robert Prechter has composed over 40 articles, papers, videos and speeches for Oxfordian newsletters, journals and conferences. His primary studies have been in the fields of finance and social theory. For details and links, see robertprechter.com/bio.

Robert Prechter

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